Crow Killer Productions Very Cool Prints-tees- Mugs

     Welcome to the Crow Killer website.  Crow Killer Productions was formed with my partner, Brent Seckman to tackle both individual and collaborative projects over the past 25 years.  Crow Killers has allowed us to perpetuate both current ideas and evolving, past concepts.  We are both Crow advocates and our moniker conveys only our sense of humor concerning these dark and wonderful chaps.  Anyhow, maybe you should consider these two gate-guarding Corvi as predator instead of prey. 

     I arranged this site to coincide with ; the boundless and mysterious project which has enveloped me for well over a decade.  As you peruse this site you will find available Hand-Signed Limited Edition Prints of certain Broadsides & Evidences collected in my book "The Mysterious Disappearance & Reappearance of Blue Bill" , located at its website: .  Since I have either the files, copies or the actual item from M., I can offer enlargements ready for framing or just tacking up on the wall.  I will hand-sign, date and briefly comment upon your limited edition copy. 

    I'll do my best to get all these items shipped as quickly as possible; the prints may take a few extra days but all will be notified when the actual items are shipped.  Since various sizes of prints are available please contact me about sizes not listed.  This is a new and ongoing site; I see no end to what's to come and also what will be available in the near future.  As Time & Money collide and blend into my life, so will different items including alternate tees and other visual ideas.  All I ask you is to please have patience; I am basically on this venture alone.

     I do realize you may also have inquiries about the book, my products, publishing or speaking engagements.  I can be contacted through my other website: or the contacts below.


phone:  518-863-2225                                                                                      Genuinely & Candidly,

                                                                                                                             Carl Sedon; June, 2015